Christmas Gifts from The ACT NOW Print Shop

Looking for Christmas gifts? Perhaps an Opportunity League t-shirt or even better, a custom printed shirt through our ACT NOW Print Shop!

The ACT NOW Print Shop is a social entrepreneurship program whose goal is to provide greater access to employment for underrepresented residents in Burlington County, NJ. Social entrepreneurship is the process by which individuals, startups and entrepreneurs develop and fund solutions that directly address social issues. The purpose in developing Act Now Print Shop is to fulfill a need among aspiring artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and low income residents who are in school or out of school youth between the ages of 16-24 years old. We are seeking those who have the drive and ability, yet lack the opportunity and network of support to do so. At the ACT NOW Print Shop participants will gain valuable experience and develop skills that will help them in the future while providing custom apparel to the community. The print shop also provides career pathways and certificate programs. At the print shop participants will learn how to use photoshop, operate a press, communicate with clientele and write invoices. 

A note from Visha

“My name is Visha and I am excited to be the new supervisor overseeing the ACT Now Design Studio. I bring over 15 years of management and customer service experience with a bachelor of science degree in business. I am a mother of seven children, 5 girls and 2 boys, who loves new experiences and meeting new people. I am extremely excited to work with a diverse community of customers, staff and friends alike that all play a pivotal roll in the success of ACT Now with a range of experience and the desire to build, grow, and explore a variety of new ideas.


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