THE OPPORTUNITY LEAGUE  creates opportunities that build community health. Our unique approach to public health supports the positive growth of individuals, families and communities.


Did you know The O League began in 2009 with a friendly basketball game to raise money for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign? Well, ten years later, our passion and commitment to serve our community has not changed, TOL currently serves over 300 families annually in the Greater Burlington area.

What began in a 40 square foot office has transitioned into operations now being held in 2500 square ft. building outfitted with a digital arts and media studio, two conference rooms, computer lab, kitchen, student lounge and several offices.  As our organization grows, we are proud to provide programs for all ages that foster creativity, discovery, leadership and compassion.

SEIGHA OMUSOFounder / Executive Director
Since 2009 “Coach O” has devoted his time to providing opportunities within the community in education and sports for all ages.
“An opportunity is the greatest gift we can give” – Coach O
CHRIS JACKSONAssistant Executive Director
Chris is a founding member of The Opportunity League. Since 2009 Chris has been committed to character development in programs and organizational structure.
SHENEE OMUSO, CCC-SLPEducation Director
As the director of the Education Department since 2016, Mrs. O has sought to inspire young people to be competent, capable, and compassionate. Mrs. O’s students are fearless in pursuit of their dreams.
FRANK LATHAMBoard of Trustees (Chair)
As a New Jersey council member on Developmental Disabilities, youth advocate, and Principal Presenter; Frank has served as an advisor to The Opportunity League executives since 2016.
NISHA RAYCommittee Advisor
As an advisor to the Board of Trustees, Nisha Ray specializes in community engagement. As an employee of Amazon its been her mission to connect her company with the community she lives in.


The O League was founded on five core values. These include:


    Giving special attention to building personal relationships with each and every member of our family and letting them know we love, value and appreciate them.


    Having a clear understanding of our “why” ensures that we stay committed to providing opportunities for individuals to better themselves, their families and their community.


    Engaging and serving our community involves partnership and participation with community members to ensure we are making a lasting impact.


    Holding each individual in high esteem promotes a sense of worth and excellence for oneself and others and positively contributes to the culture of our organization.


    Investing in our youth is one of our greatest priorities  in realizing our communities dreams of change and new opportunities – or simply put, the future.



TOL gave me a family, guided me through life, helped me find my passion, and taught me how to help myself. Before I came to TOL I was unsure about my future. Now my nonprofit provides mentorship and the same confidence TOL gave me, for others.

Both Mrs. Shenee and Coach O have the community’s best interest for real. I have been a student in the Next Steps: College Prep program for 2 years and discovered so much including what colleges I want to attend.

Trinity T., BCHS 21'

Coach O created an opportunity for me to compete in basketball in high school. I would then go on to be a 1000 point scorer at my school but more important I discovered you can truly create the world you’d like to see.


Through our growing network of volunteers, donors and partners, we are a resource to community members of all ages.  We engage and serve communities so that; 

  • K – 5th

    elementary students can develop strong character traits and critical thinking skills,

  • 6th – 8th

    middle school students are well-adjusted socio-emotionally and begin to explore their passions

  • 9th – 12th

    high school students are challenged to be independent thinkers who take responsibility and action in realizing their future,

  • Undergraduates – Graduates

    college students are afforded real-world experience in building their professional careers,

  • 18 – 24 years old (Workforce Development) | 25+ years old (Career Development)

    adults receive the necessary support to advance in their personal and professional lives.