Building a Better Community

The Opportunity League is already well known in Burlington and will keep the Villages Community Marketplace in line with neighborhood values and their sense of being a part of something bigger than a chain supermarket ever could.  Within the surrounding area of the marketplace, we know that food retail dollars have a need for a local establishment. The options for those in the community are to leave the area and spend their resources outside of Burlington City. This leaves households that do not have access to a vehicle in a difficult situation.  These are members of the community that we want to serve, in addition to households that want fresh, local, affordable food that is rooted in the neighborhood.

Enter Villages Community Marketplace

While the Villages Community Marketplace planning has its roots as far back as 2019. We have continually updated our plan and goals while putting together a team of community leaders, local organizations, and municipal allies to make sure we understand the scale of this marketplace and the vital resources we can bring to this community. Since The Opportunity League was founded, is headquartered, and staffed by members of the Burlington community, we have the success of the community at the foundation to any plan we put in place, because after all we are a part of this neighborhood.    

We also want to make sure all walks of life are welcome, whether old or young, single or in a family, career starters or commuters, the Villages Community Marketplace will have a variety of essential foods for all walks of life. To do this we will have a diverse staff and work in line with local organizations to ensure a sense of community.  The Opportunity League will serve as an anchor for this mission. Allowing both younger and older residents to shop for their food supplies in a convenient location is one part. Providing food education and community events will make this community market an excellent example of the values of Burlington.  Allowing members of the community to grow together and strengthen the community even further is something The Opportunity League specializes in.  This community market will be the shining example of our dedication to Burlington. 

Healthy Neighborhood Goals

Our goal for the community is to offer our neighbors healthy, fresh, quality grocery and produce in a platform that provides affordability and accessibility to the consumer in a way that this market has not seen. By operating a grocery store as a community focused, mission driven establishment, we can enable a more dynamic supply chain that allows us to provide a higher quality of product and service with greater accessibility without solely relying on non local brands. This platform also supports related initiatives that will fortify our capacity to impact change in the neighborhood and surrounding communities. We plan to offer not only food and beverage products, but services to improve the quality of life of neighbors beyond grocery shopping. Community enrichment, occupational training and educational programs will all be supported through the success of this marketplace. Our plan to provide high quality grocery and produce, as well as take home meals and a juice bar are largely services that are not offered in this location or are not accessible to large portions of the local population.