The Opportunity League, in conjunction with our valued partners and professional instructors, present our Adult Learning Series.  Our series features courses that individuals are looking for to take their personal and professional skills to the next level.

Our workshops are designed to:

CONNECT INDIVIDUALS: We build a community of learners, instructors and resources to get the most out of the Learning Series experience.

EDUCATE & EQUIP: We create a learning environment for adults to not to just memorize content, but internalize and understand each lesson.

INSPIRE CONFIDENCE & ACTION: We challenge individuals to be tenacious and relentless in pursuing the goals they set for themselves.

Adults who participate:

  •  have access to classes that are on-trend and in-demand
  •  join a community of learners and instructors for additional support
  •  engage in full-day workshops for in-depth learning
  •  engage in productive discussions, team-building activities and self-development opportunities
  •  are able to apply what they have learned in practical and meaningful ways

The first workshop in our series of courses is entitled Public Speaking: Speak with Clarity, Confidence & Purpose. For more information, please contact Shenee Omuso at 609-346-2757.

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