Wyndham Skyline Tower – Atlantic City Donation

We want to take a moment to say thank you to Matthew Taylor (Wyndham Skyline Tower – GM) and his staff at Wyndham Skyline Tower – Atlantic City for their contributions to our organization. Earlier this year Coach O (TOL ED) and Matt discussed how social environments, especially after the pandemic, are important for students’ growth and development. The Opportunity League HQ located at 11 West Broad Street in Burlington City, NJ is home to several organizations and programs including FAM (Free All Minds) Mentoring Academy. 

FAM is a mentoring organization geared to High School young men in the Camden area who learn many life skills, business acumen, and play basketball. While at our headquarters they study and listen to guest speakers, some weekends they have game nights. On the last game night Coach O realized the students had to bring old systems from home. It has always been our hope to build out the lounge area at our headquarters so students have somewhere they can be social together, without having to bring equipment from home. With the donation from Wyndham Skyline Tower, it is now possible for our students and kids in the community to have a safe place to play and interact.

By: Madeline Kirson