This month students from our Next Steps College Prep Program had the pleasure to visit Rutgers University for Rutgers Day in New Brunswick,  NJ!

With over 3000 attending, it was a great day for them to learn about this college and see what the campus has to offer.

 It was a great day to engage and inform our young about the valuable contributions the university makes to the people of New Jersey and beyond. There were many different fun and exciting options for every and any one to experience including live performances, exhibits, a variety of kids activities, demonstrations, and so much more to see and do for free.

There were 400 programs at Rutgers Day offered by faculty, staff, and students including the Rutgers Polish Club, R-Garden, Folk Festival,  athletics program zone, animal shows, science experiments, formula race cars, and much more for everybody to experience!

This was a great way for our students to experience a New Jersey University in a fun and exciting way! Interested to find out more information on how students from the College Prep Program are preparing for college? Make sure to email to find out how your student can get involved today!

By: Breana Sims, Intern