The Opportunity League and Roma Bank Partner

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”, an old saying but there is a lot of truth to it.  Countless studies show access to good healthy foods dramatically affects our mental and physical health.  The Opportunity League strives to provide opportunities in a variety of facets, from education, sports, training, college readiness, and health.  Access to healthy food is a critical component in striving to be the best we can and The Opportunity League along with BCFAN is one step closer in providing healthy food to the New Yorkshire area residents of Burlington, New Jersey.

Roma Bank Provides Funding For Programs

Roma Bank has kindly donated $26k to The Opportunity League to the BCFAN sponsored program.  BCFAN brings together cross-sector partners in creating a community marketplace that provides access to quality food, employment & training, and educational programs for youth.  Roma Bank, located in Moorestown, New Jersey at the corner of Hartford Road and Bridgeboro Road, has a long-standing commitment to serving the community through charitable donations.

The Opportunity League is very thankful for Roma Bank for its donation in helping us achieve this goal of providing healthy options to New Yorkshire and surrounding residents.  Data from 2014-2018 shows that there were approximately four grocery stores located in Burlington City. Fresh To Go Food Market, a limited-service retail store, located in the heart of New Yorkshire , which is currently closed. Burlington Supermarket, a limited, superette, store, also currently closed. Super Speedy Mart is a superette, limited-service convenience store, located at a gas station. Dollar General, this store is located on the outskirts of the city across a major highway. A Save-A-Lot, which is also located on the outskirts of the city across a major highway and also closed. This is not convenient for the many families in the city who rely on walking, biking, or public transportation. A mini-mart has opened on Broad Street in the city. This store does not sell fresh produce. This store sells prepackaged goods, and snacks.

Watch For Expanding Food Options for Burlington City

The Opportunity League is addressing this void of limited to no access to fresh healthy food by creating Villages Community Marketplace.  A community market where residents have access to fresh healthy food, community garden, and training.  If you want to know more please join us on weekly community meetings.