Economic Well Being in Burlington

In regards to the ongoing initiatives, programs, and projects we have been working on at The Opportunity League.  The topic of economic development and the well-being of our local economy has taken center stage.  We have always been involved with creating, developing, and running programs within the community.  Our STEAM programs, sports leagues, and education programs have provided opportunities for our community to grow and learn together.  Our next objective is to not only teach invaluable skills, but to create a location that targets local economic development.

Economic development is purely and simply the creation of wealth in which community benefits are created. (Sahota, 2020)

Building off of this definition of economic development; we have been focused on creating a community marketplace that is an epicenter for community benefits.  Job creation, eliminating food insecurity, workforce development, education, and local product marketing that is designed to create sustainable community economic benefits.  Assisting in the economic development of Burlington City is a core focus of The Opportunity League.  Working with the City and other like-minded organizations to identify opportunities, develop projects, and produce meaningful contributions to our community.

Economic development is concerned with quality improvements, the introduction of new goods and services, risk mitigation and the dynamics of innovation and entrepreneurship. Economic development is about positioning the economy on a higher growth trajectory. (Feldman, Hadjmichael, Lanahan, Kemeny, 2015)

The improvement of the underlying factors of economic development outlined above provide a roadmap for our organization to develop our local economy.  Provide opportunities for new goods and services to enter our local marketplace.  Train, develop, and educate our community on entrepreneurship and skills that are in demand within today’s work environment.  Create and nurture a local dialog around economic development and provide tools for our community to participate in the growth.

We’re excited and prepared to continue to raise the bar in Burlington City!


Written by: Kyle Martin