We are proud to feature Grades 4 Life for our April highlight.

Grades4Life  (G4L) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to introducing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) technology into schools, organizations, and anyone working with groups of students. Their goal is to provide opportunities for success by encouraging students to reach their fullest potential. By working through local community business to encourage and support student success G4L has a comprehensive approach to academic enrichment.


G4L technology features a web and mobile application which can be used in schools or local organizations. This platform can be customized for students, parents, teachers, mentors, councilors, administration to allow them to connect with the local community while supporting the young person(s) to accomplish great things. The program also acts as a virtual school store for students to enhance and support school / organization culture.  Based on students grades (or task completion) and behavior they can earn points which can be redeemed throughout the community.  The platform coordinates in store discounts, prizes, events, and more. With this creative mix the G4L platform rewards students as they achieve both educational and social accomplishments.



G4L works with teachers, administrations, life coaches, motivational speakers, and top professionals who are interested in inspiring greatness in youths with training, assemblies, and event opportunities.


G4L facilitates programs, courses, training and more.

  • Software Facilitation; Admin & Teachers
  • Software Facilitation; Students & Parents
  • Teacher Professional Development



Executive Director: Chris Johnson

Phone number: 646-450-8256