At The Opportunity League, we apply our passion and expertise to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for both youth and adults. With our new skills development and job placement program, Train To Go, our focus is to equip our students with marketable certifications, transferable skills, and a visionary mindset.

Our Training Certification Pathway

Our current certification pathways include, but are not limited to, Info Tech & Cyber Security, Culinary, Construction, and Supply Chain & Logistics. Via these pathways, our students will have the opportunity to pursue their field of choice, conduct mock interviews, build and distribute their resumes, and connect with well-established professionals, all at an affordable price. The empowerment of our students is our main priority and given the opportunities available in the Train To Go program, combined with the student’s commitment to success, enrollment and completion can result in unimaginably life-changing events. 



**Partners: Rowan College at Burlington County, ASPIRE Youth Development,


Written by: Eric Miller